Brief Bio of
Woodstock Entertainment
Woodstock Entertainment  came about when Mike Rowland (after vowed 'never to return' to the wicked world of party DJ-ing) was found being asked to cover for a local D.J.
That gig went down so well the Woodstock phenomenon was born!

The gigs and sets started small as just the background noise for smaller venues providing 'up-beat'music to keep the atmosphere happy and cheerful.Then over the past years the enthusiasm has grown and it become nearly a full-time job for Mike.
His sets now can include quizzes including trivia, general knowledge and of course the all important music round! The  final step to the 'Entertainment' title arrived in the form of Karaoke! (one of the main reasons Mike left the business all those years ago!!)

Mike loves this job now and has an extensive knowledge of the music he works with, he knows the years and artists, just try testing him on the subject!